Burberry Kisses Military Red Lipstick
April 24, 2015



When you attempt to get your ‘Britains Next Top Model’ orrrn! ūüėõ

As you guys already know, I’m not a beauty blogger/ vlogger/ guru type. In fact, if you ask any of my girls they will tell you that I’m notoriously average at all things makeup related and have a very quick and unimpressive makeup routine which involves lots of fingers and minimal brush usage. The only exception is my lipstick collection which is colourful, varied and plentiful! I’m a massive fan of lipsticks as opposed to gloss as my¬†lips are not the same colour all over (my upper lip is darker than the bottom) so need ensure full coverage. I recently tried out the new spring palette of Burberry lipsticks in Military Red, Sepia, and Nude Beige – my first time using their products. A¬†good red lip will add an instant touch of glamour¬†to any outfit (and a bad one will make you look like an out of work childrens clown), this Military Red doesn’t disappoint.¬†The Sepia was a bit of a surprise as it looks as though it would be darker than it was once applied. Thinking it was more of a burgandy I opted for a black and tan outfit to compliment. However, It is actually a lovely rose pink tone which worked just as well. Finally, the Nude beige lip colour is a brilliant nude but a tad too light for my complexion. I looked like a bad Dave chapelle impersonator (Think Tyrone Biggums in heels).

For swatches, outfit details and a close up of how the lipsticks appear in natural light check out the mini lookbook I filmed below. Please excuse the excessive pouting РIt is a lipstick lookbook after all. I fear I am becoming the Vicky Beckham of blogging РI do smile Рhonest!

Special thanks to Ashanti Brazil who sent me this amazing cobalt blue draped front dress. My Starr almost had a heart attack when he saw me in it! Guaranteed jaw dropper for date night ladies so grab yours before they sell out! x

Burberry Kisses collection now available at Debenhams

* Photography @JuiceBlack