Wembley, LONDON
June 26, 2017


Every story has an end. but in life, an end is simply a new beginning… 

New beginnings

I am a massive believer of ‘New starts’. In fact, a major problem for me over the years has always been starting a bunch of new projects and not seeing them through to the end. My brain is always bubbling with ideas – some good, many bad, and the odd few gems that are simply genius. Trouble is, I tend to try and action every single idea I have, which in hindsight, has led to disastrous results! I am working on a new and improved streamlined version of… well, me. And life in general. The blog is a major part of my life and has been with me for many years. It too is being streamlined into a badass version of its former self, starting with a new name!

The Rebrand, sort of

Last year, I made the decision to re-brand Champagne and Stilettos entirely as it no longer fit with the person I am, and the person I am still becoming. I still dance on tables, wear ridiculously priced heels and cause a riot just as I did in my 20’s – but I must admit it’s a lot less frequent. (Plus I have grown ever more fond of whiskey, port and red wine as opposed to champagne.)

The name just didn’t fit – and was surprisingly difficult for many to spell. I agonised for many months, willing my brain to come up with a witty bite-sized url to replace the old and define the new me, but in the end I settled on just ME and my name.

With the re-brand I am able to take TB.com where C+S couldn’t go and morph my little nook on the net into an online journal of sorts; chronicling personal highs and lows, travels, life challenges, as well as the adjustments one makes when hitting their 30’s (and the outfits worn through it all).


Bespoke design

Apart from the name, you may have noticed that I’ve overhauled the design and layout just a tad. I have worked with lovekaizen from the very first incarnation of Champagne and Stiletto’s back in 2010 and wouldn’t trust anyone else with my website. lovekaizen and I have great creative chemistry and as a result, they are able to bring my visions to life in a way that constantly astounds me.

Blogging is now a hugely saturated industry so it is important to carve your own niche and identity in the field. Myspace was the only time I ever had a template space on the net, and even then I customised the shit out of that bad boy! We are all different and don’t live a template one-size-fits-all life.

Why should your blog be any different?


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we’re curious. And curiosity leads us to new paths” – Walt Disney

 So what’s different?

I suppose the biggest difference will be the content I share. SHARE being the operative word. I want to share my feelings and my life more openly than I ever have before. I have always disconnected my personal life from the net, mostly through fear. Fear of being vulnerable, judged and unliked. But I am learning to use fear as fuel and face each fear one day at a time. I want to focus on the content and engage on a deeper level than what’s on the surface. I love fashion and that will still be evident on the blog as well as other endeavours I embark on this year. But I wouldn’t be true to myself or to you if I said that I haven’t felt extremely stifled by the constraints of fashion blogging in the past.

This may sound strange given my marketing background, but I still struggle with the concept of a ‘personal brand’ and being defined solely by what you wear and how many Chanel bags you own (current tally still zero btw). I also battle with the authenticity of the blogging space now that it is in fact a business. Things have changed so much since I first started – unbridled self expression is rare. Few are able to remain true to themselves and remain a desirable marketing commodity. Hopefully I can be one of those few!

Some of my favourite features of the site include the new logo and homepage layout. I now also have the functionality to get really creative with the formats of my posts which I am so happy about. There has been lots of updates too including the FAQ pageI’ve also popped all my favourite collaborations in one place. I have met so many amazing people on my C&S journey and had the opportunity to work with some amazing brands. Highlights include campaigns with Sergio Rossi, Louis Vuitton, French Connection, Burberry, Farfetch, Disaronno x Roberto Cavalli, andJohnny Walker to name but a few. Each experience has taught me so much about myself and has helped me to define who I am as a blogger.

Excited for the beginning of this new chapter…


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