December 30, 2014



2014 Collage1 2014 Collage3
So as I write this I am sitting crossed legged on the porch after an amazing bike ride across VGC. I am basking in the glorious sunshine. I LOVE the sun. I love the rain. I’m really into the concept of the power of natural elements and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things… Totally at their mercy. Being on holiday always does this to me… Always gets me reflecting and thinking about the bigger picture outside of my little bubble of self importance. We walk around in this ‘bubble’ everyday… For example our title at work makes us feel important, our responsibilities to our family make us feel valued. Our social standing amongst peers inflates our ego as the prettiest one, the funniest one, the richest one… I could go on. Each label adds to that bubble we live in and enlarges it. When the bubble bursts, we are left with negative feelings such as doubt and sometimes even failure.

When the bubble bursts we sometimes lose our way…

Whilst going through the many thousands of pictures in my dropbox from this year, it occurred to me that I live a pretty awesome life. It’s hardly life in the fab line of the Kimora variety, but despite a really tough start to the year, I am living a life full of love and increasingly working towards shedding pointless labels that do not quantify my happiness or define who I am as a person.

I discovered my love of Churro’s in a quaint tea shop in Barcelona. I reignited my love of art and attended more art shows, exhibitions and galleries. I took ONE step closer to over coming confidence issues by posting more outfit looks. I redesigned ze Blog :P. I fell deeper in love with my Starr. And myself. I spent less. I read more. I saw the ‘Evian’ Mountains! I partied in France. I walked along Lake Geneva…

In essence, what started out as just another blog post morphed into this massive introspective exercise of love, life and gratitude. So many great memories with great people. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming to just sit back, let it sink in and give thanks. It’s so easy to let life sweep you away from one day to the next, one month to the next… you barely process the adventures you’ve had, the new knowledge you’ve acquired, the new accomplishments you’ve achieved.

So as I look ready myself for 2015, It’s a lovely feeling to look back on 2014 and just let it all sink in.

I’ve had an amazing year.