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I've never been a push-over or an easy mark. Maybe that's because as early as I can remember I was told that if anyone hit me in school I should hit them right back. Luckily, I've avoided any sort of physical altercations (for most of my life) but, like everyone else, have been besieged with life battles that have been challenging to overcome. Whenever these challenges arise I fight back. Just as I was told to do in school. Hit them back and hit them harder.Below are a few helpful tips to keep your chin up when life gets tough;

1) Never give up - Be relentless. Be persistent. You want something - go get it, no matter how many attempts it takes. Fact is, quitters never win and winners never quit.

2) 'CAN'T' is the excuse of the weak - To attain and maintain anything great in life requires strength.

3) Be firm but fair - Don't let life make you it's Bitch.

4) Walk away - from anyone or anything that threatens your happiness, dreams and peace of mind. I'm talking Section Boyz, straight 'Lock Arff'.

5) A 'No' is just temporary - Rejection is part of life. Chances are you will be turned down for jobs, dates, promotions etc, more times than you care to remember. But the beautiful thing, despite all the "No's", you only ever need one YES - And it's that one yes that counts.

6) Believe in yourself - Never let anyone shake your ability to believe in yourself. People have different dreams, goals and ambitions. For some, your aspirations may seem way out of reach and unrealistic. Loved ones in particular will want to shield you from disappointment by trying to shrink or limit your dreams. Don't let them. If you can believe it you can achieve it.

7) Contrary to popular belief good things DON'T always come to those who wait - Don't end up with the scraps of those who came before you and went after what they wanted. Create your own opportunities.

8) Don't get hung up on things you can't change - That applies to people too and their opinions. Waste of time, effort and energy. Keep it moving.

9) Realise and own the power you have over both your destiny and your happiness Factors contributing to your happiness can be changed. And only you have the power to change it.

So remember, when life slaps you around, don't be afraid to slap it right back. And if you can do it wearing an awesome pair of Sophia Webster shoes and a fluorescent striped skirt then even better!