Similar to a YouTube haul (without the video), I thought I would share a few of the things I have been loving at the moment. I am currently making an effort to read more as I used to be a massive consumer of literature and miss immersing myself in a good book. I also found that with less dedicated reading time, my general spelling and grammar was beginning to take a bit of a nosedive. In addition to the many things I do, I also copywrite for a number of online sources. As a professional, it is important that I don’t allow standards to slip. With this in mind, I purchased ‘My Grammar and I (or should that be Me?) in order to brush up in a few areas. Hugely recommend it as an inhouse staple as it will benefit you in all areas of life whether you are studying, learning english as a second language and need help with the particulars in grammar, or even if you are a blogger/ aspiring writer. Whether or not writing comes naturally to you, it’s always good to have an understanding of correct grammar.

Next up is is my NYC cap which is probably the only ‘on trend’ item I own. I love a good snapback and so I’m totally here for the resurgence. I’m a massive fan of hats in general as it’s the only thing (along with a good dry shampoo) that will mask a crappy hair day. I love the fact that I can just pull my cap low and go. On weekends I tend to pair it with my ‘Friday/ Saturday necklaces’ which was given to me as a gift over Christmas.

A newly added scent to my ever expanding collection (blog post coming soon) is this gorgeous Boadicea fragrance. This is the Almas scent which is slightly more woody and masculine. I share this with My Starr – However a more sweet and feminine version which I highly recommend is the Nemer scent.

Last, but not least, is this beautiful orange lipstick (called Mango) by Bobbi Brown. As a general rule, I am not hugely experimental when it comes to colours and my makeup. However, I am beginning to get a lot more comfortable with different lip colours and have recently ventured outside of pinks, red and nudes. Orange is a soft and subtle pop of colour on darker skin tones and I tend to wear this shade almost daily.

What are your favourite things that you are loving right now?

NEW ERA NYC snapback // BOBBI BROWN lipstick // BOADICEA perfume // ‘MY GRAMMAR AND I’ book


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