I’ve never been a minimalist type of girl. I know that the monochromatic, less is more tribe tend to amass a loyal following in infinite numbers on Instagram (and yes I am guilty of indulging in a few of them) but, whilst I swear by all black or all white, I am a sucker for a bold and crazy statement print, metallic accents, sequins and just about anything else in between. I’m a massive fan of tribal prints and aztec has been a long firm fave of mine. The key for me when wearing prints is (not being a hypocrite here :P) to tie it together with simplicity. Unless you can pull off clashing prints (not many can), make the print the statement piece of your outfit by showcasing it on a ‘blank canvas’

I managed to get my hands on this gorgeous poncho after a missing parcel catastrophe and an out and out twitter war with ASOS customer services (I take NO prisoners!) So glad I didn’t pull a strop and request a refund when my parcel didn’t arrive as I am in love with my aztec poncho. It’s so comfortable and warm, totally forgiving on those days when the belly wins the battle of the bulge and it doubles up as blanket/ scarf. What more could you ask for?  I wore a skinny belt to cinch it in at the waist – but I won’t lie, I did flap my arms around a fair bit and threw in a few twirls for extra measure before getting down to business and taking these pictures. I mean, it’s a poncho. How can you not?

In any case – I’ve spotted a few aztec printed gems in stores of late. I would love to own them all but then I would probably look like some rogue sheep herder or something (especially once the heels and floppy hat come off!) Let me know if any of you are in to aztec as much as I am… and don’t forget to check out some of my fave aztec buys below. x

Kiboots poncho // Karen Millen boots // Sophie Hulme bag

* Images courtesy of Abbie Tanner


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