Blogger Style Challenge - Toya Berry and Abigail Ayoola
January 26, 2015



BSCTBBSC Checked Abigail Ayoola

Over the Christmas holidays I found myself watching an unusual amount of YouTube videos – Mostly beauty and fashion related. I noticed that a lot of Vloggers tend to collaborate with each other, but us Bloggers not so much. Even the the Super-Bloggers rarely collaborate with each other unless they are brought together by a brand or campaign.

I read a lot of blogs – and have friends who also happen to blog. So I thought it would be cool to collaborate with more bloggers throughout 2015. That’s when the BSC (Blogger Style Challenge) was born!

The rules are simple;

1) Must include 5 cool and random facts about the challenger blogger.

2) Anyone can participate and challenge other bloggers (doesn’t have to be me) with any theme you like – but please do credit as the originator and link back to the site in your BSC posts pleeeease 🙂

3) Please use the hashtag #BSC #BloggerStyleChallenge for all social media related posts so that all bloggers who take part can connect with each other! (Teamwork makes the dream work!)

So stay tuned over the coming weeks! Remember anyone can participate! If you are interested in challenging moi please leave a comment in the section below, tweet me, or email via the contacts page 🙂

To kick off the #BloggerStyleChallenge I have Abigail Ayoola of styling a Checked theme. Abigail and I have been following each other on social media for ages and I am a massive fan of her blog. She is one of the most consistent bloggers I know, posting literally every other day. Her flat lays are so very pretty (I managed to get a quick tutorial after my own epic fail last year) and as a full time blogger and stylist she literally dresses her socks off (or other peoples socks) every day for a living.

Five interesting things l learned about Abigail –

* Abigail named her blog after her love of stars and has over 30 star tattoos!
* She’s a total foodie like me and will try any dish twice.
* She dislikes the cold with a passion.
* Abigail is obsessed with sunglasses and will even wear them in the rain (under an umbrella of course)!
* She will rarely take off her jacket/coat even when warm or indoors because it’s part of the outfit and completes the look.

So glad that this collaboration gave me the opportunity to finally meet Abigail and her wonderful photographer, AO_Photography who snapped us. We have already planned to meet up again for a jollof cook off (I shall be representing for my Caribbean ladies, lol).

Let us know which look you like best – who do you think won this style challenge?