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I have spent many a birthday lamenting about failed relationships, failed business ventures, incomplete targets and life goals over a bottle (or four) of vino. But this year was different. Much different. Largely due to the fact that I’m actually in a state of utter contentment and happiness. Have I made my first million? No. Am I married with a healthy set of mini-me’s tangling from each hip? Erm, hell no. Have I managed to buy a holiday home abroad so that I can abscond the dreary UK weather 4-6 months of the year and evade the ever more greedy taxman? Again, no. But am the closest I’ve ever been to those things? Oh, very definitely.

People who say life is short ought to be hit over a head with something incredibly blunt, heavy and of large surface area. Life is long. And when you tally up average life expectancy, deducting the first 10-15 years of your existence where you basically contributed little if nothing to society, you begin to realise that you’re running a marathon and I’m not even halfway through the race. I still hate everything about birthdays (the fuss, planning the celebrations etc) except for shopping for the perfect dress of course. But I must admit, turning 30 honestly wasn’t all that bad. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by love and success, my bum is still firm and round, my hair continues to grow (although I had a bad hair day of epic proportions on the actual night) and I have made it to 30 without a corn or a bunion – which is near remarkable given some of the footwear I own.

Big hugs and kisses to all who shared this milestone with me. Special thanks to the wonderful team at the Montcalm Hotel for the fabulous Royal Suite and to My Starr, as always, who managed to make me feel super special despite working flat out that weekend. I will be uploading a video of the ‘Big Day’ to my youtube channel shortly so you can catch up on all the shenanigans there! xoxo

OUTFIT 1) House of CB dress // Christian Louboutin Heels  OUTFIT 2) Aftershock dress (Similar HERE) // Tom Ford Heels


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