December 15, 2014



I have an online wish list. Not because I think a wealthy internet stranger will fall madly in love with me and buy me a whole bunch of stuff (ahhh, ‘Pretty Woman‘ remade for the 21st century sans the hooker boots and prostitution of course), but because every once in a while, when I feel like I deserve it, I will go ahead and treat myself. Plus It also serves as a great point of reference for My Starr for birthdays, Valentines day, Anniversaries, Just because days etc… :P)

I add to it sporadically and actually find it to be an interesting point of reference when looking back at what material thing I couldn’t live without at that moment in time. Not sure if any of you have ever used Amazon Wishlist but its awesome and you can literally pin things from ANY website. Only downside is that you can’t customise the design to make it pretty and unique… but hey! Life goes on!

Anyway, back to the matter, as I was updating my wish list for Christmas I thought “Why not post your fave items to the blog?”

My Christmas wish list items includes the highly sought after highland boot from Stuart Weitzman, the matching travel case to the Mulberry Clipper I already own, a Mansur Graviel bag (Actually in 2 minds about this as I used to own the LV noe waaaaay before bucket bags became the IT thing – but it was stolen last Christmas. Not sure if this is an adequate replacement… what do you guys think?), and a pair of Sophia Webster shoes (I don’t own a pair and I would definitely like to add these to my luxe collection).

Whats currently on your wish list this christmas?