August 3, 2015





“The best thing about being a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun”

– Shania Twain

Stepping out of Lancaster Gate station on a rather humid and clammy Saturday afternoon after a gruelling commute on public transport (which included line closures, rail replacements and lack of air conditioning), I wasn’t in the most enthusiastic of moods for a high glamour photo shoot. Having completely overdressed for the bipolar UK weather in my wooly coat and fedora hat, my exterior was befitting of my mood – But hey, the show must go on! In a serendipitous sequence of events, my friend Monica (you may remember her from the festival collaboration we shot recently) of ProjectM blog managed to arrange this shoot at a time when I was in desperate need of a photographer (good looking out Mon). I have been wanting to shoot this gorgeous dress for at least 6 weeks now – but, being the ever seeking perfectionist I just had to wait for the moon and stars to align – or at least a picturesque location and half decent weather.

For those of you who don’t know, let me introduce to you Gerda Truubon. A truly gifted designer based here in London who seems to have an innate sense of femininity and how to convey this via her designs. I love Gerda’s collections because they truly celebrate the joys of being a woman as well as the sensuality the female form holds. When I wear a dress by Gerda I feel sexy and confident – I truly own my curves.

A perfect balance of seductive, playful sass, charm, raw sensuality, and quiet confidence, surely you must admit that it is quite impossible to pull off all of the above in a single outfit. Well, sister girlfriend, impossible ain’t nothing for Ms Gerda Truubon!

Now excuse me while I go jump on this big strapping man of mine! After all, you can’t wear a dress like this and not make good use of it…


Dress c/o Gerda Truubon // Alexander Wang heels

* Photography Alan Bishop