If jewellery and I were in a relationship our facebook status would read ‘complicated.’ It’s not that I don’t love to accessorise – in fact, I think well styled jewellery can be the defining touch to your outfit. Akin to a well rounded manicure, the top coat though invisible, is the essential component to any manicure. Sure, your nails are coloured but the final coat adds gloss and strengthens. I think you can see where I’m going with this metaphor…

I am lazy in a lot of ways when it comes to fashion and beauty. I like comfort, I like quick and easy. My aversion to accessorising seemingly originates from said laziness. I just never seem to muster up enough time and energy to wade through my trough of statement necklaces, earrings of all styles and sizes, stackable rings, bracelets and everything else in between. Again, if this were a real life relationship I would be the partner neglecting my down trodden spouse. With that said, I think maybe it’s time to change my approach in term of this love affair. Perhaps the best route for me is to invest in timeless multifunctional pieces that will not tarnish or spoil instead of faddy costume articles. Perhaps signature pieces that will increase in value and be an extended representation of me – just as fragrance – may be a alternative mode of attack. Unlike shoes, it is my endeavor to build a collection that can be passed down to my children and my childrens children along with sweet memories and warm anecdotes of their original owner. Having been invited to Tresor Paris’ flagship store in Hatton Garden recently – I have no doubt that my collection is likely to begin with a Tresor Paris piece. I was wowed by the intricate detail of each piece and floored by the array of colourful jewels. I legit felt like Abu in the Cave of Wonders (Possibly my Fave Disney movie of ALL time – RIP Robin Williams) resisting the urge to pocket the many treasures and make a mad dash for it.

This post captures only a small part of Tresor Paris’ amazing collection. And, as if I needed another sub addiction (trust me I don’t) to add to my over-arching shopping problem, I can’t think of a better one than an affinity for diamonds… Can you?

Special thanks to Tash and the wonderful team at Tresor Paris for the after hours tour and my wonderful gold aztec cuff! You’ll be sure to see me rocking it in future posts! xoxo


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