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I love London! And whilst I may not be the most patriotic (I don’t own anything emblazoned with the union jack – I don’t care if it’s Mcqueen), I am proud to call London my home. A nation steeped in rich history visible all around us, from architecture to our monarchy, I recently caught myself reflecting on London life, culture and city style. We are known for being one of the most stylish cities in the world – yet we have no real distinct fashion apparel to identify us (The scotts have the kilt, Japanese have Kimono, India has sari etc), and no, as iconic as it is, Burberry check does not count 😛

As with beauty, style is subjective. One’s opinion of good or bad style will vary based on many factors such as an individual’s personal taste, social/ environmental influences, self identity and expression, culture and a bunch of other things. With that in mind, what makes British style so easily recognisable and coveted around the world? It’s really hard to put a finger on it given that modern day Britain is a melting pot of ethnicities, cultures and influences. I’d like to think that it is our laid back, almost bohemian, approach to fashion that gets us noticed. City living requires a certain amount of glam with an adequate amount of practicality. This is also true of our attitude. Just as New Yorkers differ from those down south, we Londoners have a certain ‘swag’ (forgive me, I hate that word probably as much as you do but for the life of me I could not find a word more apt. When I do I will be sure to replace) that is so unique to us that it is almost impossible to define. So it came as little to no surprise that when I took Farfetch’s city style quiz that London was my result! Described as “Eccentric but well put together, clashing patterns mixed with immaculate tailoring” I can’t help but think this is as close as I’m going to get to pinpointing British Style!

On a separate note, I am slowly beginning to get into the swing of YouTube life. I must admit, it was scary at first as I have so little on screen experience. It looks easy, but you don’t realise just how awkward and nerve wracking it is until you have a camera pointed in your face! Blogging has been a love of mine for years and I will never abandon it. But I wanted to challenge and push myself a little further out of my comfort zone. Video content is definitely doing that for me – and as a bonus, I’m learning so many new skills that are completely transferrable and beneficial to the blog. Win, win. I’m also meeting a lot of new people through YouTube which is awesome as I have found the blogging community to be a lot more secular and (dare I say it) elitist… but that’s a topic I’m saving for another post!

I digress (what’s new), back to the original point of youTube – I’m on it. I would love it if you all would support me there just as you’ve supported me here over the years. I plan to make a lot more video content in the future to help compliment and bring to life topics and events I post about on the blog. Case in point – The denim on denim outfit I’m rocking in this post outside her Majesty’s humble abode. I actually filmed a full denim lookbook including this outfit, so if you want to know where everything is from watch the vid below. Shout out to My Starr for letting me borrow his denim shirt – something tells me this outfit wouldn’t have been quite the same without it 😛

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