I often get asked questions regarding photography equipment, haircare and makeup etc.  A lot of these questions have been answered in my blog posts throughout the years (and I do go back and update them when things change). However, if you happen to have missed those posts, I have popped the most commonly asked questions down below. Feel free to email me if there is anything I’ve missed. x

I’m 5’6/ UK size 10 (sometimes 12 on the hips) but I almost always buy clothing 2 sizes up as I prefer a looser fit.

was born and raised in Brixton, currently disturbing Hampstead (not sure how my neighbours feel about my ear splitting gangsta rap playlists – roots and culture on Sundays :P). I am of Jamaican descent – visit frequently. Proud owner of a dutch pot (and I know how to use it). I bleed rice and peas.

I use an Olympus PEN and alternate between the 45mm and 75mm lens as I find it works well for my level of (non) ability. As a keen amateur, I am always interested in learning about lenses and editing techniques so if you have any tips and tricks, please do share.

20th September which makes me a Virgo.

I studied Journalism and Radio Broadcasting at Thames Valley University in Ealing, London.

No. I work full time in digital marketing and blog on evenings and weekends.

I started blogging circa 2009 with 2 friends. The site was called Champagne and Stilettos at that time and focused on fashion news and industry happenings. By 2012, we had more or less disbanded but I wanted to continue with the site as I had fallen in love with blogging. After a bit of down time I revised the format and went solo and later rebranded entirely to TB.com in 2016.

Every blogging journey is different. Mine is almost a decade in the making. My advice may not be relevant for you or your journey – but I can share with you what I have learnt thus far, and what I’ve found useful…

Firstly I would say; blog about your truest passion. Blog about the things that inspires you, the things that make you smile and make your eyes light up.  That way, you will forever have enthusiasm for and take pleasure from blogging. Secondly; start with what you have and be consistent. If you can’t afford a £1k camera buy a cheaper, older or even second hand model and invest in quality lenses. Or study editing techniques to give your images a more polished look. Study your craft. Learn about all aspects of blogging from how to take a good photo to digital tools and SEO. Finally I would say remain true to yourself. Be inspired – but don’t copy. I think if you stick to these simple rules you’ll naturally find your blogging groove, develop a style that is all your own and amass a genuine, engaged following who like you for who you truly are. I’ve written a few posts about blogging that may be useful HERE

I welcome collaborative projects from brands (to request a media pack please email), photographers and fellow bloggers alike. Please contact me with your ideas and let’s make sick content together!