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So the title of this post is a little deceiving seeing as I’m not about that festival life whatsoever! Concerts with allocated seating I can do. But I’m not  a good enough people person to deal with people on mass. I hate large crowds. Especially unruly drunk crowds. Call me a snob, but I like that when you go to certain events or restaurants you know exactly what to expect in terms of clientele. Festivals however are really a mixed bag and I’m not a fan of surprises. Also – I don’t think there is an artist in this world who I stan for enough to be moshing it out in mud ridden trenches. We thank God for spotify.

But going back to my initial statement; I’m not about that festival life. But I am totally here for the festival fashion. I love boho chic – Paisley prints, gypsy skirts, ankle boots, fringe waistcoats, feather charms and fedora hats. In fact, my summer wardrobe is basically festival attire, sans short shorts and Wellington boots. Although I have a few cute summer frocks, I much prefer the loose comfort of festival season. My go to shop for everything festival related is typically Topshop. This paisley print shirt from the Unique collection is my absolute fave right paired with ankle boots and a lightweight khaki parker jacket. I wore this dress recently to meet up with friend, ex work colleague, and fellow blogger Monica of Project M. We chilled in the park, caught up with all things digital and then stuffed our faves one of our favourite Thai food spots.

There’s something about laying out in the sun watching the clouds float by that gets you in reflecting mode. So much has changed in my life both personally and professionally since Monica and I worked together. It’s funny how life can do a complete 180 in the space of a few years. We are both heavily immersed in industries that have changed significantly since we originally entered them. The blogosphere especially, is almost unrecognisable. It’s very hard to stay true to who you are and to even be heard in a market so saturated. The biggest bloggers have a team of professionals creating content on their behalf fit for the pages of Vogue not WordPress. The mid tier bloggers tend to be vacuous, hollow mouth pieces of brands, copying other bloggers and building an image of themselves and their lives that are just not real. Having exchanged authenticity and originality for online fame, instagram fans and PR freebies. And then there’s little bloggers like myself and Monica at the very bottom of the totem pole who do it for the love – not for the glory. We work painstakingly hard on creating quality content with integrity with the very real possibility of never being truly appreciated or acknowledged by the world. This is a topic that I may revisit in a future post; but as Monica and I discussed it at length I came to the realisation that I’d rather be acknowledged for being genuine and working hard than for my hair or my make up or my blogger pals. I’ve read a few posts from bloggers expressing their frustration at not having made it to the dizzy heights of Bloggerdom yet and it baffles me. Do it for the love. Not for the glory. Your efforts will be appreciated in due course…

Back to festival stuff (sorry, you know I do like to go off on a tangent now and then), I would love to see some of your festival looks! Leave a link to your festival outfit posts below and I’ll check them out! Also – If you want to see more of my festival fashion (aka summer wardrobe) let me know and I may put together a lookbook!

Don’t forget to check out Monica’s Blog: www.monicawong.com xoxo

My Outfit: Dress and boots c/o Topshop // Hair Band (Similar HERE)

Monica’s Outfit: Similar Dress HERE


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