August 14, 2012

GUCCI GAMING: Novelty Leather Checkers Set



I do love the idea of novelty items. For example, I am not a fan of pink – but I adore gadgets and trinkets that are don’t traditionally come in pink to be in that colour (i.e. my mac book and GHD’s are just a few examples that spring to mind). So when I came across this Gucci checkers board I was convinced that the design power house had created something that true fans would love.

The set is crafted from dark brown leather with dark brown Guccissima (yes, that’s the official term) leather trim. The pieces come in ivory-cream and brown, and are stamped with an interlocking G coat of arms. In addition, the set features snaps on both sides.

Take a few minutes and check the Gucci Leather Checkers Set out for yourself. It can either serve as a gift for the checkers enthusiasts or loved ones, or simply as gift to yourself. The set is available at the Gucci online store with an impressive price tag of £2,700.

Via @Luxatic