Pumpkin Halloween
October 30, 2014


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Every year I am determined to dress up for Halloween. I hunt for the perfect outfit but get disheartened and put off by the slutty feline leotards/ porn type nurses outfits/ polyester police officer get ups and all the rest in between. I want to be cute without looking like a full on THOT, and scary without actually SCARING people, which is a mean feat at Halloween. This year I decided to play it safe (or lazy, whichever you prefer) and went for goth glam with a hint of sexy).Moody, sultry, comfortable and true to my fashion roots (i.e when in doubt just wear black) – Think the Shakespeare Sisters or Madonna in Frozen. My maxi dress is an old purchase from Missguided. I tend to buy maxi’s from there as I have long legs so always struggle to find full length dresses that cover my 32″ stems (and thats before I get into heels). I actually added the mesh sleeves on myself and deepened the side split as I love a bit of thigh action.

This Halloween outfit is easy to recreate – the key is in the makeup. I’m not the best at make up I must admit – and you can easily get way more creative than I did. I end up looking more HE than SHE with too much make up on so I stuck to black lips, black lids and a full set of falsies. I would like to try maybe a cobweb eye or a long witch-like weave to give my Halloween outfit more punch. Probably the best thing about this halloween outfit though, is that you wont have to purchase anything new. As long as its head to toe black with minimal hardware you are literally good to go Textured fabrics go great with this look – think lace, leather, velvet, satins.

Maybe next year I might just be brave enough to go all out for Halloween, and get a little more wild than just a black dress 🙂 Do you dress up for Halloween and if so, are you tempted to cheat a bit with my lazy goth glam look?


Missguided dress and Heels

* Images courtesy of Catface and C Pottinger *