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Although I may be somewhat of a shopaholic now, believe it or not, I used to be the DIY queen. Growing up I was super skinny. Nothing ever fit me and so I was constantly having to pin, stick, cut, belt something or other. My uni friends can tell you about this little black dress I bought for £15 that looked different every time I wore it out! I also had very little money to spend on clothes when I was younger. Living on my own from the age of 18, all my money went on rent, bills and supporting myself through university. As a result I was constantly having to improvise. Having more cash means that I can now afford to shop around but I do genuinely miss remixing my own clothes. You get the exact fit and look that you want and the best thing? It’s completely one of a kind.

With that said, I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a long length waistcoat recently- but haven’t found the exact style I was after. I wanted a neutral colour like white or beige that I could wear with almost anything. I also wanted a bit of detail – a lot of the waistcoats I had come across were a little too simplistic in design. I had an old trench coat from Mango that was due to go out in the next charity run which kind of sort of fit my vague specification. So I grabbed a pair of scissors, snipped the arms off, and the rest is history!

My Nana taught me to knit and sew as a kid so I know my way round a needle, thread and over locker when pressed (think I may invest in a sewing machine this year). The results aren’t shop perfect, but it rarely is with DIY. Let me know if you’re into DIY clothing and/ or customisation. I’d love to see some of the looks you’ve created. If you are not the creative type, check out some of the waistcoat dusters I’ve found below:

My Outfit: ASOS jeans // Zara clutch (similar HERE) // Christian Louboutin heels

* Photography @JuiceBlack


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