May 26, 2016



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Since getting engaged in February, a new world has opened up to me that I have somehow (albeit reluctantly) submerged myself in. Yes, welcome Toya to the crazy world of wedding planning!

As a little girl, I never really dreamt of my wedding day. That may sound a little strange to you, but hand on heart, it’s the absolute truth. Ask me what my husband would look like, what he would do for a living, the house we’d live in, how many kids (7)/ cars (3)/ dogs (2) we’d have and I could answer without hesitation. Ask me what style of wedding dress I’d like or where I’d like to marry I wouldn’t be able to tell you. In fact, I still can’t tell you. I am officially clueless.

Whilst dreaming of a perfect marriage as opposed to a perfect wedding has its benefits, I can’t describe the sheer feeling of hopelessness and panic that comes with planning a wedding. There is a never ending list of things to consider let alone do and it becomes truly overwhelming very quickly. The smallest details morph into mammoth G5 summit type debates. We agree, then disagree before ultimately reaching a truce compromise. We decide and then veto every single thing imaginable from head count to continent to venue. Everything matters. Everything has to be perfect. Everything has to be just right. No do-overs. Talk about pressure aplenty.

Bridal shows and expo’s are a great way to get inspiration and ideas, as well as taste, test and ask lots of questions. My Starr and I had already viewed The Dorchester as a potential wedding venue and so when Quintessentially invited me to their Atelier Bridal Show, I jumped at the chance to go. I was able to speak to cake makers, florists, travel experts for honeymoon planning, dressmakers and designers, stationery vendors and much more. I came away with a lot of useful information, a tonne of ideas and more clarity. The event definitely helped me to streamline my wedding vision and I would definitely recommend any Bride to be reading this post to attend next year’s show. Or if that’s too far away, find an alternative bridal show that you can attend.

Whilst I am keeping the wedding details closely guarded (perpetual fear of attending a carbon copy of your wedding is another big ball of stress which invariably has you stretching budgets to be as unique as possible) do look out for my stress free wedding tips and tricks post coming soon where I will share with you all the things I am learning throughout this process. But one thing I do know is, the first rule of planning a wedding is to get a wedding planner! 😛