I don’t know if you’ve been able to tell by the flurry of frequent posts lately, but I seem to be on a bit of a blogging roll. I will admit, I can fall in and out of love with blogging (more on that in a later post) so when I’m not feeling so amorous, I naturally take a step back from it. I’ve always lived by the mantra “Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate” and so, just like with any other lovers tiff I try not to lament on my frustrations of blogging as I’ve seen others in the field do. Instead, I take some time out to gain focus, re-up and work harder. Finding your groove with anything in life takes time, attention and diligence. Never is this more true than with blogging. It requires a lot more from the average individual (and when I say average, I mean those who cannot afford to work on their blog full time and so juggle it around work/ family commitments) than meets the eye. I for one have struggled to find enough time to dedicate to my blog despite how much I love doing it. It’s tough – especially if, like me, you are precious about the standard of your output. This is something that I just will not compromise on.

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In the past I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t give the attention to my blog that it needed. Time was always a major factor. Working full time, plus freelance work on evening and weekends, in addition to my duties at home meant that time was (and still is) a scarce commodity. Equipment was also an issue. How could I be expected to provide quality visuals without a top spec, professional camera? And once I have acquired this camera that will surely change my blogging life forever, when would I the find time to truly master it in order to get the results I wanted? What about ‘essential’ extras such as lighting and tripods? No, this is beginning to get expensive and time consuming – Maybe I ought to pay for a professional photographer to take my pictures? But once I have a photographer, how/ when do I source the right locations to enhance the backdrop of my images? Where do other bloggers go to find townhouses and evenly tree lined streets? What about editing the pictures? Writing these posts? When will I have time to back link and promote my finished content on social media…? As you can see, I had an endless barrage of reasons excuses as to why I couldn’t devote more time to my blog or why I didn’t have the correct tools or resources to get things moving.

Never one for pity parties, excuses, or giving up for that matter (I am stubborn and determined to a fault), I then said to myself ‘Toya, just start with what you have.’ It sounds so simple. And indeed obvious. But I always overlooked the simplicity of the solution because I was striving for perfection. I don’t live in Kensington, Knightsbridge or Chelsea, and can’t always travel to beautiful London locations or even picturesque destinations abroad. So I started in the areas I knew well – local area’s I’ve lived in and worked in such as Brixton and Wembley, and scouted for locations to shoot there. I stopped spending an obscene amount on clothes to feature on the blog for outfit post and instead reconfigured the content to things I’m more passionate about like books, eating out and digital trends/ advice. Instead of spending a grand on a professional camera I have invested in lenses which saved me half the money and improved my photography tenfold. I now double up at least half of my social outings as blog shoots thus making the most of the little free time I do have. When meeting up with friends and family, I now make a point of getting some shots for my blog too (example HERE). I do this without being intrusive and they tend to enjoy being part of the creative process. 

I have always been very much of a doer rather than a thinker or a talker. As a virgo, I tend to plan things meticulously, yes. But once I have my plan I never hesitate to put that plan into ACTION. In hindsight, I have always had the best intentions for my blog but failed to action them. The less I did, the more I neglected my blog and the more dejected and demotivated about blogging I became. When I began to act, the reverse happened. I became more passionate and inspired. The best thing is that I haven’t changed much or spent a great deal to kickstart that turnaround. My advice is to start with what you have, no matter how small or limited your resources may be and take it from there.Perfection can lead to procrastination. And if you’re anything like me, no matter how well you do, you will always look for ways to improve. That’s a good thing – just so long as you don’t become stagnant in the process. 

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