Topshop striped coat
March 25, 2015




I’ve always been highly opinionated. Some people find it appealing, and others not so much. Either way, having an opinion of any sort is hugely important to me especially when meeting new people. Opinions provide an important insight into someone’s thought process and beliefs, what they stand for, what makes them tick and what makes them melt. The thing with having an opinion, strong or otherwise, is knowing when and how to express them. I’ve watched people land themselves in many a hot bucket of water through poor delivery and or bad timing (Can anyone say Kanye West…). I’ve always been good with both – usually preferring a provocative method to incite a healthy dialogue rather than for shock or entertainment value. That said, I’ve found that I’m less vocal with my opinions nowadays, to the point where I may even fit into a somewhat neutral category.

Neutral may work like a dream with interior decor and fashion, but in the real world it’s more of an irritant. Have you ever sat at a dinner table with someone who had no opinion at all? There is few worse things than engaging in conversation with someone who remains firmly on the fence. And in some cases, it can even arouse suspicion – does this person have something to hide? Or do they simply have zero personality? With that said, I can’t help but wonder; when did I become so neutral? So indifferent? Have I become jaded?

In terms of my wardrobe – I’m far from a neutral girl. Bold print, textures and fabrics in all varieties, metallics, detailed jacquard and a side of bling (if you please) adorns my shelves. Perhaps a monochrome palette for a fat day, ‘meh’ day, or just plain lazy day. ‘Indifferent’ or ‘boring’ definitely cannot be attributed to my closet. However, in personal relationships and sometimes in business, I have come to realise that a lot of conflict can be avoided through simply reserving my opinion for the opportune moment. Mostly because it’s likely to be an evocative one! So if you happen to be sat next to me at a dinner party and I’m exercising my best poker face, don’t be fooled… Strategically neutral for 2015 😛

P.S. The Topshop coat I’m wearing has now sold out online – however you may still be able to purchase in store. Regular readers of the blog will know that statement coats are my thing so I have listed great neutral alternative coats for you down below:

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Coat, t-shirt and jeans c/o Topshop // Heels (similar HERE)

* Photography: @JuiceBlack