“Rock that all white when I’m feelin’ Godly…”
Dej Loaf


I’m a creature of habit. I have my fail-safes. Whilst most opt for black as their reliable fashion stable in times of uncertainty, I strangely opt for white. So fresh, so clean, so classic… I feel happy and confident when wearing white, and good things always seem to happen to me when I’m wearing it.

Initially when writing this post I was going to give tips on how to wear all white from night to day but then I had a change of heart. (It’s pretty straight forward and doesn’t need too much elaboration. Gold, silver and red are the most common pairings with white, however any colour can give it an extra lift. Black works – but can sometimes be too harsh of a contrast.) Instead, I thought the concept of having a ‘lucky’ colour or clothing item a more interesting concept. I’ve never been hugely superstitious (which is atypical of any jamaican; Sweeping the house or cutting your nails on a Sunday is unlucky. Thanking someone after they’ve done your hair is unlucky. New shoes on the table is unlucky… The list goes on), but I have always been hugely sentimental. I have a worthless box of mementos, full of sentimental bric-a-brac that I hold dearer than my most expensive shoes and handbags. For me, it’s the idea of retaining and preserving the positive energy and/or love that was felt at the time the memento was snatched which is priceless.

As a kid, I didn’t have a favourite bear, doll or blanket that gave me comfort or went everywhere that I did. But I did have a leather bracelet that my Dad gave me on a trip back from Guyana that i wore everyday throughout my GCSE exams. I pretty much smashed those exams and attributed credit to the ‘luck’ of the bracelet. But luck had nothing to do with it. The bracelet was a symbol of my Dad, and when I wear it I am comforted as I feel as though I have him close to me; guiding, protecting and spurring me on. I still wear that bracelet to this day – as seen in many of my previous blog posts, and would be horribly distressed if I were ever to lose it. The fact that your mood can instantly be lifted by triggering a positive memory, surely has some connection to the idea of luck. And, if it is indeed true that we make our own luck, then our moods and energy (good or bad) surely affects whatever luck is coming our way?

With that said, maybe if we applied the above premise to fashion and flipped it on its head a bit – we could ensure we get the desired results from our clothes and feel the way we want to feel when wearing them. Perhaps if we based our fashion choices on how we WANT to feel as opposed to how we ACTUALLY feel we may just see a shift in our attitude and (depending on if you’re a believer or not) our luck. As the old adage goes; ‘If you look good you feel good’ So next time you’re feeling bummy, instead of wearing sweat pants and a hoodie why not choose a loose fitting alternative such as culottes or high waisted, wide legged trousers? Feeling slightly dejected? Power dress with heels and shoulder padded blazer.

Oh, and as for my tips on how to wear all white? Confidence. Roll your eyes if you will, but confidence makes just about anything look good 😛 


dress c/o House of CB // Zara Jumpsuit // Missguided Heels // 3.1 Phillip Lim satchel




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