Chunky knit jumper x3
March 3, 2015



Chunky Knits4Chunky Knits3 copy

I am really bad with knitwear. I wear it to death until it is literally bobbling, holey, stretched and sagging. With knitwear my sole aim is comfort. But recently I have been attempting to dress up my knits. I wear wooly dresses with my biker jacket and chunky knit scarves. I also have a gorgeous oversized cardigan that I wear back to front with jeans and thigh high boots. I am definitely getting better at keeping my knitwear chic as opposed to sloppy and  frumpy.

Chunky knitwear in bright, light colours are great as we transition into British Spring. Let’s face it, even though the sun is shining it’s still super cold out so being able to wrap up warm is essential. I wore this outfit for afternoon tea at the Design Museum with friends and it was so comfortable and laid back. You could easily bum about at home in this same outfit, but as we know, a pair of heels and a clutch works wonders. Abracadabra – I’m ready for the world!

We were at the Design Museum to view the #WomenFashionPower exhibit, which takes a look at iconic women through history and how they have used fashion to enhance and define their position in the world. It’s a truly inspiring concept and great installation – Go check it out if you can, even if only to get a kickass pic like the one above 😛

H&M jumper (similar HERE) // ASOS Jeans // Missguided Heels

* Photographer: Juice Black