Happy Easter Everyone!

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday and enjoyed the festivities. My Easter was fairly chilled – Lot’s of family, lot’s of food and lot’s of fun. My Starr and I did the rounds from North (his family) to south (my family) picking up a goodie bag every stop of the way. In fact, I have enough food to last me the week without having to cook anything! Result!

I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things faith wise. I didn’t give up anything for lent but I have been making a concentrated effort to go to church more frequently. I’ve struggled over the years to find a congregation that I could connect with, and as a result, I’ve always chosen to worship privately in my own way. My Starr introduced me to his childhood church at the start of the year, and I can genuinely say ‘so far so good’. I really enjoy the services and find the pastor to be quite funny, charismatic and inspiring in a relatable way. It’s really important for me to feel genuinely connected to the people and things around me – from the people I work with and the projects I undertake to the place I choose to worship. It needs to speak to me in a way that I feel genuinely connected and invested in. This doesn’t always happen instantly – sometimes it comes with time. But If the initial energy is right, naturally you invest more of your time and more of yourself. And like I said, I’m getting back into the swing of things…

With that said, here is my Easter inspired outfit, which I wore to Church over the weekend. It’s probably one of the rare occasions where you’ll see me in head to toe floral print. Normally I would opt for floral accents – such as matching shoe and bag combo to jazz up a plain outfit. But I guess spring is here, why not indulge in a little floral frenzy?


Shoes and bag c/o Debenhams // ASOS Dress (Similar HERE) // Zara Blazer (Similar HERE)

* Photography @Juice Black


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