It can be difficult to juggle the many responsibilities that come with being a woman. Such a complex role; to be a woman is not as easy as it was say 50 or even 20 years ago. We are now expected to be scholars, homemakers, fashionistas, beauty guru’s, accomplished business women, superior lovers and devoted mothers all whilst teetering on 4 inch heels and without breaking a sweat.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I struggle. It’s so easy to feel like you have failed before you’ve even begun, especially in a world of social media. I have days when I don’t feel very pretty. I don’t feel like talking to anybody or even getting out of bed. I have days when I just want to close the world out, regroup and focus on me. And this is not because I’m unhappy. On the contrary – It’s because I’m NORMAL. Increasingly I am seeing the disparity between people’s online persona and who they are in real life. Instead of plugging out of the matrix, they are feeding into it… uploading a fake life of happiness and success complete with bogus friendships and relationships constructed purely for fan adoration and instagram likes. An inspiration for all, they perpetuate a life that they themselves have not yet attained. Then, at home, they sit depressed, insecure and generally not very happy at all because they cannot live up to the amazing person they have created online. It’s a tough burden to bear…

My friends and family will tell you that I’m my own worst critic. I put a lot of pressure on myself as I’ve always been doggedly determined and a high achiever. But in this augmented reality we seem to be living in, I am increasingly aware of the balance that is needed between real life and social media for a sane and healthy mind. Focus on what’s real – and share those real experiences and memories online. Grey days will come and go. We should be able to share these very normal highs and lows with each other simply on a human level. We are not robots, devoid of emotional fluctuation. You will have bad hair days. You will have broke days. You will have fat days. You will have annoying people at work days. You will have setbacks. It’s just that part of life which I like to call “Happily grey…” Because it’s a temporary grey cloud in the otherwise sunny picturesque circle of life.

Now for the fashion bit – I’ve been buying a lot of dresses lately. Mostly of the t-shirt and shirt variety. I like to layer and I like no fuss. I’m loving this grey leather dress by Muuubaa because it’s perfect for all occasions. I was going for an edgy look so paired it with my cut out boots (an old purchase that you’ll be seeing much more of). However, you could wear with over the knee suede boots, barely there sandals or even converse. Muubaa are in sale right now too so great time to invest in those all important leather pieces.


Dress c/o Muubaa // Nasty Gal boots (Similar HERE) // Moschino iphone case 


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