July 20, 2014




Whilst it’s still quite some time away, I have begun to cross things off my bucket list of ‘Things to do Before I am 30.’ Guess what, Ibiza was one of them!

I initially had quite low expectations. I couldn’t help but conjour up recurring images of shirtless vomiting Brits, greasy kebabs, and very bad to non-existent pedicures. In fact, our outbound flight was literally a full blown party courtesy of a 30 strong Stag complete with booze, music, and more booze all at 5am. Long story short, I was terrified. However, as soon as we  arrived at our hotel I knew that there was definitely another side to Ibiza. We stayed at the Hardrock Hotel whose facilities and hospitality were second to none and we were even treated to a live performance from Robin Thicke on our very first night. We partied at Blue Marlin,  SupermartXe and enjoyed a crazy set by Bob Sinclair at Pacha.

Apologies to friends and family on Snapchat who I spammed relentlessly with holidays pics and videos. Was having such a great time, I just wanted to share the moment with you all.