Something you probably didn’t know about me – Apart from an unnatural thirst for champagne (and red wine of late), I have developed quite the penchant for whisky. Unlike most caribbean girls who are reared on Island rum (Appleton red rum does hold a special place in my heart), my hard liquor of choice is whisky. Very much the ‘drink of men’, I was introduced to whisky during my first trip to LA and San Fran. I would never think to try whisky on a night out – but this was a house party, and faced with the less than desirable choice between whisky or beer, I chose the former on the premise that nothing can taste worse than beer!

Dare I say it, I was pleasantly surprised and my love affair with whisky began! It’s so funny when I’m out with the girls and I order whisky at the bar. I tend to get very strange looks. I guess there is definitely a stigma that such liquor is not for women. So, imagine my surprise when the lovely girls from Quintessentially invited me to an exclusive whisky tasting event hosted by Johnnie Walker at Kensington Roof Gardens in celebration of World Whisky Day (which is tomorrow dontcha’ know?) I was keen to learn more about the whisky brand as well as grab a few whisky cocktail recipies whilst I was at it.

For those of you who have yet to dine, drink or party at Kensington Roof Gardens you are definitely missing out. It’s one of my favourite hangouts – especially in the summer as it has a beautiful rooftop and terrace. It’s definitely the perfect location to while away the hours whilst sipping whisky cocktails – just as i did that afternoon 😛

The whisky tasting experience was awesome and even converted My Starr a little too. It was my first ‘tasting experience’ of any kind and I would definitely recommend it. I was able to taste flavours I had never tasted in whisky before such as smoke, wood and spicy notes that had previously escaped me when doing multiple ‘belly warmers’ (LA term for shots :p). I also learned so much about Johnnie Walker himself and the history of the brand which added to the experience tenfold. I have always been a bit of a history buff (my favourite subject in school – although I hated having to memorise dates) and got caught up in not only the Johnnie Walker story, but the science and tradition of the blending process.

My favourite cocktail of the evening was the ‘Golden Glory Fizz’ (First pictured), a blend of Johnnie Walker Gold Blend Reserve (This is the blinged out gold bottle and is a little sweeter than Johnnie Walker Blue), apricot brandy, lemon juice and ginger beer (the only beer that will pass my lips). This cocktail is available exclusively at Kensington Roof Gardens. However, in celebration of World Whisky day, Johnnie Walker has created 3 other signature cocktails available exclusively throughout London’s premiere hotspots. If you happen to be out on the town at one the venues below this weekend, why not try something different and swap the champagne cocktail for a whisky one?

M Restaurants | M Golden Gimlet

The Hospital Club | Long End of the Stick

Sketch | Blackberry Gold

Special Thanks to the Johnnie Walker team for having me!

Dress c/o Fuschia White // Christian Louboutin Heels


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