May 30, 2011

ONE IN A MILLION: Champagne + Stilettos reach a milestone


May has turned out to be a month of celebration hasn’t it?! May saw the historical wedding of our future king and queen, Wills and Kate. It also saw the Obama’s grace the threshold of Downing street, Barcelona win the Champions League and of course the mighty capture of Osama Bin Laden.

The month of May has also been pretty epic for me personally as it marks the one year anniversary of the car crash that almost took my life. It was that accident that allowed me to re-evaluate some of the choices I had made in the past and shape the choices that I continue to make today.

One of these choices was to whole heartedly pursue my passion for writing and put more time, effort and resources into growing the C+S brand and company. It took a lot for me to walk away from the security of a 9-5 but one year on I can say that it was probably one of best decisions and biggest achievements. In March this year C+S reached a milestone by attaining one million hits. Fearing it may be a fluke I waited for the stats to come through for the month of April – but we had done it again! Still not ready to pop the champagne just yet I held out for the month of May… and with one day to spare I could finally accept the fact that it really was REAL…

It has been a long hard and arduous road full of mistakes, learning curves and challenges. It just goes to show that hard work does pay its dividends eventually. Thank you to the entire team – new and old- for helping to make my dream a reality! This is just the beginning!

Onwards and Upwards!

Finally, May May marks the release of our first C+S ‘Glamazine’ newsletter. Be sure to sign up via the home page to receive the latest couture news and designer must-haves as well as discounts on your favourite fashion brands.

Yep, May has been a great month. Think I may just pop that champagne after all. Bellini anyone???