Velsvoir LCM show AW15
January 12, 2015




London Collection Mens is in full swing and I have been fortunate enough to attend a few shows over the weekend. I love catwalk shows, but I actually prefer the installation varieties where art meets fashion in a truly unique and imaginative way. Of all the shows I attended, I particularly liked the Velsvoir Collection. Zak and Talha Velsvoir are brothers and two thirds of the team behind the Velsvoir brand (elder brother Zubair stays behind the scenes). Originally creating luxury bow ties and accessories only, they’ve since branched out into full bespoke tailoring and have seen their business flourish in both London and Dubai. The installation was a great take on the 1930’s gentleman which conjured up images of american mafia types from the prohibition era. I could easily picture My Starr in a few of the get-ups.

Whilst I enjoyed the event, I always tend to struggle with the networking aspect that usually come hand in hand with such. I’m far from the shy and retiring type and I like to meet new people as I’m naturally inquisitive and quite chatty. But when meeting new people I like to make genuine connections. If you’ve ever been to any type of blogger or fashion event (big or small) you will know that this is probably the hardest thing in the world. Fashion people get a bad rep for being superficial, vacuous, clique-y and generally quite fake. And whilst that’s not true of most, some of the people you come across at these events certainly fit the mold. I think of it like a room full of peacocks parading themselves unashamedly, feathers in the air (or rather in this case, noses and Spitafield style hats). Each introduction reads like an application for the Apprentice on crack –  60 seconds of unabashed awesomeness, fan stats on social media, previous projects, celebrity/ industry friends, etc. It’s all too much – especially when you consider the reality is usually 10% accurate (much like profit and revenue margins of “entrepreneurs” on the Apprentice). Most of what of what you will hear is largely fabricated or greatly embellished. As a result, I genuinely struggle to separate the real from the fake at these sorts of events and so end up drinking more than I should in order to feign enthusiasm.

Any tips for coping better at these networking events aside from getting wasted would be very welcome and hugely appreciated! I need to come up with an alternative plan of action for LFW next month 🙂

Outfit: Mango Coat // eBay Hat // Missguided skirt and jumper // Karen Millen Boots// Zara Clutch