August 29, 2012

C+S LOVES: Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama collection


Madness and art are often seen as two co-dependent concepts, with some believing that genius cannot exist without some level of insanity. And in the case of Yayoi Kusama, the artist behind Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration, the theory is spot-on (pardon the pun).

For years, Kusama, now 83, has splashed her canvases and sculptures with polka dots, a compulsion that led to her voluntary commit herself to a mental asylum for the last 35 years. Creative Director Marc Jacobs (mad creative genius in disguise maybe?) fell in love with Kusama’s spotted pattern obsession, and recruited her for Louis Vuitton’s legendary Monogram collection.

*Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama collection*

Louis Vuitton are well known for their fusion of couture and art. In fact, they even have a bookstore within their UK flagship Maison with limited edition art books and pop up gallery exhibitions.

With every piece a collector’s item, it’d be hard not to go dotty for this fun and funky limited line. From totes, spotted cuffs there really is something for everyone…

To view the full collection go to the Louis Vuitton Website. Check out the really cool Louis Vuitton and Kusama concept store at Selfridges, open Now! Amaze!

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