December 6, 2012

My first photography shoot with Coco Celeste


I recently acquired an SLR in order to bring life to my blog posts. I often go to press events, concerts and fashion expos and became increasingly frustrated with the quality of pics taken on my phone and/ or my digital camera. Whilst I am far from mastering my camera yet, I am really beginning to understand the importance of the correct lens, lighting etc.

I was able to put my amateur photography skills to the test when a few friends of mine asked me to shoot their new vintage line – Coco Celeste:

More used to being in front of a camera rather than behind it, I must say I really enjoyed my first shoot and can’t wait to do more! I love that you are able to really capture the detail and texture of fabrics and prints with a professional camera…


Coco Celeste is available via ASOS Marketplace.