Life sometimes has a way of shaking everything up when you least expect it…

This is certainly true of my life in the last 18 months. I relocated and started a new life with My Starr. I attained one of my biggest professional goals (to move client side and go in house as digital marketing manager within the luxury fashion sector). I hacked my hair off (well to cheekbone length), and I fought one of the biggest battles I’ve ever had to face – and lost (a loss that I still struggle with every day, but grateful for the invaluable lessons learned regarding family, money and loyalty). Life is not a movie and good does not always prevail. In fact, sometimes you have to reach into the darker parts of who you are in order to prevent yourself from being swallowed up whole. I made the conscious decision to leave certain people and places in the past who could no longer contribute to my growth, and I am still adjusting to becoming a fully fledged adult and all the responsibilities that come along with it. Part of this journey, although not the largest or most important, is my transitioning style.

As my life experiences change me and force me to grow as a person, I am also finding that the way I express myself is changing also. Now I desire quality and substance in all things – from the food I eat, to the programmes I watch on TV (well, with the exception of Made in Chelsea), to the company I keep and right down to the clothes I wear. This blog, I hope, will be documentation of that. Now I feel it is time to take a new direction – although scary, taking a new direction in all avenues of my life have been so rewarding of late that it just feels right…

Those of you who have followed the journey of Champagne and Stilettos over the years would know that the old format was more magazine based – with relaying information being the primary focus. It was largely impersonal and as such, it was difficult to really connect and engage with you guys.

The new format will aim to share fashion ideas, encourage you to to try new looks and share your fashion journeys with me. I feel that fashion has become so disposable in recent years – with people relying on the labels they wear to validate their style as opposed to creating/ expressing their own signature look. I want to encourage people to re-use, re-invent and re-wear old clothes. Cut it, dye it, stitch it – whatever you need to do to make it your own. If DIY is not your thing and the thought of taking a pair of scissors to your favourite pair of jeans makes you gag then perhaps my blog will help you to make classic fashion choices so that your wardrobe won’t need to be updated every time ASOS magazine comes out (believe me, I’ve fallen victim to this trap).

I had to think long and hard as to whether or not I really wanted to jump back on the blogging band wagon as the market has become so saturated compared to when I started out in 2008. I kind of feel like a lot of the blogs are becoming nothing more than cleverly disguised adverts lacking in originality and integrity and not a true reflection of individual style. But I love fashion, and I love writing, so I will return to doing what I love, even if My Starr is the only one reading! x


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