OOTD - Date Night
September 1, 2015


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Increasingly I find myself battling with the unavoidable and seemingly herculean force that is Instagram. Difficult as it is for me to simply function from day to day, feeling obligated to document and upload said functioning (or, on most days, lack thereof) has stymied me time and time again. Social influence is a huge part of the many facets that has now made up the ubiquitous blogger. To command the attention of brands and other amazing opportunities that are very visibly out for the taking, one must shamelessly promote themselves to the Gawds. Being a workaholic and part time introvert, Instagram and I have never really meshed well. I prefer the very real, unedited rawness of snapchat or the mindless ramblings (sorry musings) of Twitter. I even prefer the pseudo artsy, reblogs and bickering found on tumblr. Instagram just didn’t ‘get me’ nor me, it.In addition, I’ve never been particularly good at courting attention. Yes, I get noticed. But the two, like an estranged half sibling you didn’t grow up with but always knew existed, are worlds apart despite the obvious ties.

Never one to back down from a challenge, a dare (or an invite to a free bar), I have made a mental note to break my tumultuous relationship with Instagram and actually post more than once a fortnight. In fact, I challenged myself to upload one outfit a day for one month, because we all wear clothes right? And we change them everyday. And I have a fashion blog that talks about the cool outfits I wear every now and then – You see the obvious crossovers here –  It’s a lot easier than arranging photoshoots for a blog that no one reads anyway. Should be a piece of cake right?

WRONG! Whilst I did not successfully complete my challenge due in part to bad health which left me bedridden for 5 days)and an never ending bout of terribly british (which basically means crap) weather, I did inspire a few of my fellow bloggers to do the same. I also concluded that people are increasingly unable to fully digest anything more than a bitesize of data. We have become a generation of thumb scrollers, scanning timelines for anything that may peak our interest – an increasingly insurmountable task. Whilst I will always continue to blog, I can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that people just don’t read anymore. They look at pictures.

And so I will give you all the pictures you want. On instagram 😛

** Images courtesy of Toya Berry’s instagram