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I have never been much of a pastel girl. I like bold striking colours. Give me fuchsia. Give me neon. Give me a deep rich magenta or cyan blue. I would much prefer a neutral palette over pastels any day. To me, pastels have always seemed so placid. Washed out. A colour not quite ripe, an opinion not yet formed. Soft, malleable, weak, child like. I like to think of myself as strong, independent and self assured. A fighter. I have had to be those things to survive and make my way in this big bad world since I was 17. Weakness was something I detested in myself and in others. But as I get older, I realise that all things need balance. As I try to embrace and show my softer side and not let the walls I have built up over the years (out of necessity to protect myself) isolate me entirely, I recognise that some days its okay to be vulnerable, or a little bit needy. Some days its okay to be cute and a little bit girly.

And some days its okay to wear pink. <3

Jumper and Skirt from Missguided // Christian Louboutin Shoes


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