Switzerland Travel Diary

Switzerland Travel Diary

When a very dear friend of mine ditched the UK two years ago for life in the Californian sun, he implored me to explore England and Europe as much as possible. Frustrated that a £50 return trip to Barcelona would now cost him the equivalent of one months rent, he could not stress the importance of making use of my fortunate locus. So, with that in mind I booked a trip to Switzerland. And Ibiza. And Amsterdam. Any other destinations you recommend?

The beauty of the Swiss capital Geneva, is apparent almost instantly. The people are friendly and polite, and seem to enjoy a better quality of life than us overworked and over stressed Brits. I enjoyed a beautiful lunch at La Perle du Lac overlooking the lake, followed by a heady night at Club Baroque (DJ was super dope). We drove to France, strolled hand in hand with My Starr under the stars and ate way too much brioche and bacon. But most importantly, it was my first trip abroad with the mister which means Switzerland will always hold a special place in my heart.

My one regret is that I didn’t snap a picture of the wonderful Jet d’Eau – an amazing water fountain located on Lake Geneva. On my very first day, the fountain created a rainbow within its stream. As luck would have it, on my final day in the city, the fountain was nowhere to be found. A great lesson if ever there was one that you must never hesitate to capture the moment!

Special Thanks to Uche and his wonderful wife (aptly named Beauty) whose BBQ skills are second to none. I haven’t experienced true hospitality like that in such a long time – It was both humbling and inspiring. The kindness of strangers, though rare, never fails to amaze me.