December 11, 2015



crossing the road in a sequin dressxmasshoot3


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Can you believe that it’s just 2 weeks until Christmas?

This time last year I was prepping for my trip to Lagos. This year, I will be spending Christmas a little closer to home. The girls and I are heading to Edinburgh and I am super excited! Since living with my boyfriend my ‘girly time’ has drastically decreased. I still have a thriving social life and hang out with my girlfriends regularly (I’m a lady who likes to lunch dontcha know), but I miss the bonding ritual of getting ready with the girls before heading out for a night on the town. My Starr has become a most reluctant filler as I get his advice on which dress? which shoes? which lipstick goes best with the shoes? hair up? down? (or half up half down?)… He doesn’t appreciate the time it takes for a lady to get ready. He certainly doesn’t enjoy waiting and is generally a total buzz kill. I am looking forward to dancing around with wet nail polish on my toes whilst tonging my hair, with a glass of malbec in hand. Although the Edinburgh itinerary is looking pretty awesome, I won’t be partying every night. I plan to binge on Being Mary Jane (I’m a newbie to the series), lounge around in my onesie, conduct extensive grooming and beauty treatments, plus get through a good few books that I’ve recently purchased (a list of which I will share here shortly).

I literally cannot wait! Sequins dresses and selfie sticks at the ready!