There comes a time when we must consolidate and condense. Sometimes we complicate things too much by doing too much. Or by having too much stuff. Recently I’ve been quite ruthless about living a minimal life. I’ve come to realise that a lot of the things I think I want or need are simply manifestations of my ego… desires that I repeatedly feed into. Over the years, I have somehow acquired really spoilt tendencies due to constant indulgence. At my worst, I’ll admit it, I became a bit of a brat. I have way too much stuff – Most of which I don’t actually need. From hair products, to make up, to toiletries, to clothes, accessories and shoes. I am very lucky indeed. But what I found was that the more I had, the more I wanted; and the more I wanted, the less satisfied I became with what I already had. What cruel and ironic circle.

I remember simpler times when I really didn’t have much and I was pretty happy and pretty content. Less concerned with what’s trending, I was a nerdy kid who lived mostly in my own little bubble. I had lots of free time so I would read, write short stories, draw and paint. I was constantly creating, constantly feeding my brain and as a result, feeding my soul. For a while now I have been trying to get back to that… get back to those simpler times.

With so many distraction out there, so many things vying for your attention constantly, it can be difficult to concentrate on any one thing at length. Or indeed really absorb and take in our blessings and show gratitude. With simplicity comes greater appreciation of not only your material possessions, but all the other blessings we are fortunate to possess also. When we strip back, we allow ourselves to focus on quality not quantity. From food, to fashion to people. Quality is paramount. Stripping back to core essentials and resisting the temptation to splurge on a whim has been challenging for me to say the least, but infinitely more rewarding. It has also allowed me to save a lot more money to spend on invest in better quality, timeless, items instead of filling up my wardrobe with disposable fast fashion pieces that hold little to no resale value. I’m also finding new ways to reuse and reinvent the items I own instead of purchasing complete new looks seen on instagram. 

I will be posting a tonne of new and gently used items to my DEPOP this week as part of my downsizing blitz so keep an eye out for a bargain and let me know if you’ve developed hoarding habits or spluging tendencies. Surely i can’t be the only one! 

LOUIS VUITTON purse // H&M trousers (similar HERE) // TOPSHOP shoes (similar HERE)


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