August 11, 2012




The title of Fashion editor doesn’t come easily and a love for clothes from all decades and eras has led to very electic wardrobe. Clothing and accessories from yesteryears tend to have a certain charm, a story and an air of exclusivity that is seldom found in today’s mass produced fast fashion times (unless you have a limitless budget and can afford couture – and let’s face it, most of us don’t!). For this reason, I’m a HUGE vintage fan and some of my most favourite pieces in my wardrobe have been acquired through Ebay, a charity shop or a vintage fair.

Although I can’t claim sole responsibility for my love affair for all things old. Having a Mother who is somewhat of a handbag hoarder means that I have access to a vast selection of arm candy and what’s even better is, I get to hear first hand the tales and times that she’s experienced with her pieces and where exactly they’ve come from.  Their aged leather appearance and familiar smell build character and provide a real person touch! LOVE!

I’m often asked, “Oooh, I love your _______, where did you get it from?” And like a bird chirping on a glorious summers morning, I simply reply, “It’s vintage, darling”. Happy in the knowledge that they won’t be able to find unless they step into a Tardis…

Vintage pieces aren’t for everyone – if you can’t bear the thought of a stranger having previously owned and worn a piece or fussy about smells (many items can tend to smell of mothballs) or hate railing through rails to find that one special piece, then vintage fashion is definitely not for you.

If you’re still in two minds and would possibly like to experiment then I would advise you to start small, perhaps with accessories: a piece of jewellery or scarf. Another big advantage to vintage shopping is price.  Some charity shops / vendors will allow you to barter and if you love a bargain then this is right up your alley.

Vintage loving (or thrifting as Americans call it) isn’t the secret little club that it used to be, in recent years the thirst for things of the past has filtered through to many areas, including furniture/ interiors, beauty and even dance (Burlesque, anyone?).  A-list celebs are always expressing their love of vintage items and designers frequently look to fashion archives to seek inspiration for their most recent collections.

The pictures above are a small collage of some of my most recent purchases, (which includes the cutest shoes from Bally) and if you’re still not convinced, the list below might just lure you in to what is a complete addictive world!

My top five vintage items are:

1. Celine Satchel handbag. Local charity shop. £45

2. Gucci Tortoise Shell Sunglasses. Ebay – £20

3. Burgundy Rabbit Fur Jacket – Vintage Fair £40

4.  Black Hermes Pencil Skirt – £4 – Charity shop

5. All of my earrings (I know, that’s cheating!)

Let us know if you’re a fan of vintage shopping, what your favourite eras are and what kind of gems you’ve picked up on your travels!