February 5, 2013

STILETTOS 2 STEAL – Special Edition, My shoe collection pt1



Recently I attempted to de-clutter and reorganize my life. And because shoes are such a huge part of my life I thought where better to start than my shoe collection???

Those who know me will know that my shoe addiction is very REAL. Not only does this addiction cripple my bank balance, but it takes up so much floor space that I had to have shelves fitted just to house them! I was determined to get rid of the shoes that I no longer need, no longer want, have never worn, or have worn so much that there is no life left for 2013. With the aforementioned firmly in place, the cull was sure to be epic…

Alas, I was only able to part with 5 pairs!

So, in honour of my ‘clear out’ I thought I would share some of my favourite shoes with you all…



* My favourite pair of Kurt Geiger heels *



* Jimmy Choo zebra print shoes *


* My very first pair of Louboutins – and the most comfortable! *


* You can never go wrong with Zara… *


* Emilio Pucci cut out, lace ups *


* Jimmy Choo gold plated platforms*


* The much coveted Louboutin Un Bout*

I’d love to see your shoe collection! Tweet me your favourite pair of heels @toyaberry