Mulberry Clipper 1
December 23, 2014




I love to travel (see more of my travels HERE) and I’m very fortunate that my current circumstances allow me to do so quite freely and frequently. I travel at every opportunity – whether it be a european city break for a few days, a country retreat for the weekend or an extended exotic holiday with sand and mini umbrellas for true R&R. More often than not, I will take with me a weekend bag as a carry on in addition to checking in my suitcase. I never pack it to the brim though because it will get too heavy, plus I like to leave room for any duty free purchases (or shoes that I will surely be forced to unpack from an overweight suitcase). I recently purchased the Mulberry Clipper in small (which is actually still quite big) as an upgrade to my LV damier 55 keepall. It’s been on my wishlist for absolutely ages as I think I’ve outgrown that “Look at me” factor that Louis Vuitton luggage tends to command in just about every airport. I’m not sure whether or not the contents of a persons bag can tell you much about them – but I’d be interested to know what you think it says about me… Am I the only sister who wraps her hair for the plane ride?


Other items include a mini Filofax, Gucci purse, limited edition Ferrari Beats by Dre, Sony Nex-F3 DSLR, Lego notepad, silk head scarf, Lancome hand moisturiser, Kleenex, Denham brush, limited edition TinTin Key Ring by Louis Vuitton, passport and my mini perfume decanter in red bling (this is an absolute essential – every girl should have one of these). I also tend to pack any floppy hats that I don’t want to be destroyed in my suitcase, business cards (cos’ you never know who you will meet) and a shawl for the AC (which I am basically allergic to).

Side note: This is my first flat lay and another blogging stereotype checked off my list! The novice that I am, I’m sure I fussed with the arrangement way more than one probably should… Any tips or tricks from my fellow bloggers for quick and easy one take flat lays? Still not entirely happy with this one…

This post was actually inspired by my forthcoming trip to Lagos, where I will spending Christmas with My Starr and his family. More posts to follow on my first trip to Nigeria in the coming weeks 🙂

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