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A four-day festival of cocktails, culture, catwalks and conversation… what more could you ask for? Not much – so when the girls in the office suggest we head down to Stylist Live for ‘work’ I was all in. No persuasion required.

I’ve attended a few events in the Business Design Centre so knew what to expect; Lots of cool pop up stores from established brands and niche designers alike, fashion shows and street style on 100. What I didn’t expect however, was an exceptionally motivating and empowering talk from Lizzie Penny on portfolio careers and the changing landscape of the working world. Most definitely the highlight of the day for me; it was completely refreshing to hear out loud sentiments I too share about the changing workplace being that I have worked in digital since leaving university, and have seen first hand how the internet has changed the way in which we do business, and the flexibility of how we work. Work should no longer infringe on, nor hinder your lifestyle – it should slot in alongside it. Work should not follow an outdated 9-5 office structure. The office should be any place where you can connect to the net. And we shouldn’t feel forced to work a job we hate in an industry we despise under the falsehood of job security. We should be able to have multiple streams of income, indulge in our passions and different areas of our interests and, subsequently, build portfolio careers.

I am at a point in my life where I have forged a ‘successful’ (depending on your definition of success as so rightly articulated by Mrs Penny) career in digital marketing and actually quite enjoy my job. However, I have always been hugely passionate about fashion and editorial. I love to create content, and have worked as a freelance writer and blogger in adjacent to the many full time roles I have had over the years. I have always had a closeted portfolio career, through fear of jeopardising my full time job. And whilst a majority of you may agree to be the sensible approach, one could argue that it is somewhat foolhardy to rely on only one source of income. So, with that being said, I have decided to focus my resources and time into building sustainable businesses from my interests, creative talent and transferrable digital skills. Whilst I don’t quite know what this looks like yet, I’m excited about what the future holds and even more excited about what success is beginning to look like…

Shirt and Trousers courtesy of Boohoo, Shoes (OLD) by TK Maxx

* Images courtesy of Abbie Tanner and Toya Berry



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