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Over the weekend I attended one of my favourite Mayfair hangouts Mamounia lounge for my friends birthday and then onto Cirque for a night of debauched revelry (snapchat got the uncensored version of that). I wore a simple black midi dress (totally unforgiving on the stomach area and probably not the best choice san Spanx and if you actually want to eat anything), and a statement fringe coat which is EVERYTHING if I do say so myself.

I love London and have enjoyed the London nightlife aplenty in my heyday. Now, on the later side of my twenties, I find that I’m happier at home reading a book than dancing on tables in Mayfair. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to bring out my naughty side now and then but for the most part I am a reformed party girl who sips champagne at afternoon tea instead of in the club. I think it’s important to recognise when you have outgrown something. Whether it be people, a relationship or bad habits – evolution is inevitable. If you are not growing both mentally and spiritually day by day then your are not evolving into the best person you can be. Club life is not for everybody – but for most, it’s a coming of age ritual that most will experience. Those who develop an affinity for it find that club life can be hugely addictive and I’m not just talking sex drugs and alcohol.You lose yourself in music, revel under flashing lights, mask your insecurities or social inadequacy with champagne and entertain unhealthy attention from less desirable suitors. You develop a deluded sense of grandeur and self importance because the velvet rope parts for you with no hesitation and you know everyone from the owner of the club to the burly bouncer at the door.

But the sad truth is this; A lot of people who live for the night are usually running from something in the day. It’s escapism pure and simple. I know, because I’ve been there. Before Chapter Starr, the party scene was a big part of my life. Those epic nights I wouldn’t change for the world. I’ve enjoyed wild nights out with some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. But in the real world, I was dealing with family drama, boyfriend drama and battling ridiculous work hours in order to forge my career and advance up the corporate ladder.  But not everyone made it through those party days unscathed. Some became massively depressed, alcohol and/or drug dependant, picked up unhealthy lifestyle habits and deteriorated to the point where they could not properly function before 6pm. On the rare occasions I do venture out I will see an old party friend a little less fresh faced and a little more dead behind the eyes than I remember. We exchange courtesy small chat but I can’t help but wonder what they are running from? There’s certainly no age limit to being in the club, but there is definitely an age limit to burying your head under the sand when it comes to real life and being a real adult – two things that don’t exist inside the walls of Cirque Le Soir, or any other club for that matter.

That said, after being thoroughly entertained by naked dwarves, masked men on stilts, fire breathers, fetish acts and an unhealthy splash of soya milk (don’t ask), I retired around 2am to the warm embrace of my Starr. Call it old age, evolution, or love; but that’s the only place that I really wanted to be.

Fringe jacket c/o Topshop // Heels (Similar HERE) // Louis Vuitton bag


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