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Isn’t it funny that we Brits will pray for sunshine and as soon as our prayers are answered we lament that it’s way too hot! The irony! I am the exact opposite. I love the sun. I can’t get enough of it. Today’s 31 degrees forecast is right up my street. In fact, my idea of paradise would probably be to live on a beach somewhere where I could run around barefoot in next to nothing and eat fresh fish till my heart’s content. Alas, My Starr is no fisherman, and me no beach hobo, but I will make the most of the good weather whilst it lasts. Bring out the florals, beach shorts and of course, the ultimate silhouette of summer; the beloved maxi dress.

Personally, I love a maxi dresses because it can take me from day to night with little effort, is super comfortable, and disguises any lumps and bumps that I wasn’t able to eradicate during winter. Be sure to get the right length though – anything too far above the ankle is no longer a maxi (obvs). Neckline is also super important. Opt for the wrong one and your maxi goes to maternity dress in 60 seconds. I usually go for dresses that can pull me in at the waist or are completely fitted to get a lovely hourglass shape without flashing all my bits. I do have a penchant for v neck too – especially when wearing long sleeves. As with my maxi dress rules, I also have a few Summer rules that I like to put in place as it’s all too easy to let the sun go to your head and get carried away. I’ve listed my dos and dont’s for a chic Summer 16 below:

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I know in winter us girls can let things slide… But in summer, the mani/ pedi regime is mandatory not optional – as is waxing. Naturally.



It’s an age old rule of thumb, and as difficult as it is in summer try to pick one. Never do both. If you are itching to break out the short shorts, by all means, go for it! But a word of caution; in order to avoid looking like mutton, be sure to cover up the top half. This rule is my holy grail for summer in the city and is only exempt for beachside antics


I know that skin tight Lycra creations are all the rage for the Kardashian/ Jenner generation, but it’s not great for sweltering summer heat. I prefer light and breezy pieces as opposed to stifling fabrics. Linen, cotton and chiffon is a must and are constant rotation for me during summer.



I know that this isn’t always possible, especially if you are having a breakout. Personally I hate wearing a face full of slap at the best of times let alone in the scorching heat. Not only does your face melt in the first 2 hours, but heavy makeup is a lot more obvious in the summer sun. I prefer minimal makeup in summer – a lightweight liquid foundation (no powder) and setting spray. A good mascara (I personally don’t wear falsies in the day unless they are lash extensions) and a killer highlight. I stick to browns and golds for an all over natural looking palette with only one pop of colour on my face eg bold lipstick or a bright blush with a nude/ pink gloss.

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Keep hydrated and wear sunscreen. I know that us people of colour tend to overlook sun block but I wear a minimum of 25 whenever I am in the sun. Anything less than that I feel is half hearted and won’t really protect me from anything.


Don’t be afraid to go crazy with colour. Dark colours are okay, when in a fun and funky print – but do try to avoid dark block colours in the summer. Pigments in white coloured materials emit and reflect more spectrums of light whereas darker pigments absorb light and convert it to conducted heat meaning you’ll be twice as hot and twice as sweaty.


Not only does it put that finishing touch to your summer outfit but sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays which is super important. Invest in quality lenses and make sure you have at least one staple brown and one staple black pair. Will follow up on my current sunglasses collection in a later post.

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Do you practice any of the above tips? Any summer tips I’ve missed? Let me know in the comment section below.


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