Topshp Unique SS15 Shoes
February 23, 2015



I have been super busy transitioning my winter wardrobe for spring and beyond. A large part of this transition has been my footwear. After 5 agonising hours filming my shoe collection (video will be uploaded this week), I decided to organise my shoes and separate out the lighter, brighter footwear that often gets passed over for greys, blacks and browns.

One of the best spring shoe collections I’ve seen so far this year is courtesy of Topshop. Whilst a lot of brands are opting for florals and pastels (a spring fail-safe I’m sure you’ll agree), Topshop Unique’s range is far more versatile and edgy, great for colour blocking and transitions from day to night seamlessly. Nautical is a spring favourite of mine and is a classic theme that runs throughout cruise collections year after year. That said, I think the red folded strap sandals will be my next Topshop purchase (I’m trying to stay away from browns and blacks else the tan and white version would probably have been my first option :P)

You can check out the Topshop Unique shoe collection HERE as well as the SS15 runway show below. xoxo