Those who create are rare; those who cannot are numerous. Therefore the latter are stronger” . -Coco Chanel

Probably the most overused adjective of 2018 no doubt, ‘Creative’ became the buzz word of every, not less any, person not quite sure how to describe what they do. It littered every  other insta bio and annoyingly seemed to pair alongside ‘content’ way too often . Agreed, the term is excessively sprinkled around like under eye setting powder, but I believe everyone possesses some element of creativity. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be difficult to tap into, especially in a digital era where a few google searches can lead you into a wonderland of ideas output that leave you feeling deflated and largely unoriginal.

Create value not product

Although I have made a point of abstaining from the dreaded ‘C’ word online, I have always been a renaissance woman at heart. I am a profoundly visual person; I don’t say how I feel, I am more inclined to show you (this can be incredibly rewarding at times and positively mortifying at others). In fact, my love of the written word not only stems from my love of books, but the desire to to concisely, articulate the magical things I see in my head. May sound crazy – but I relish texture, colour, smell, sound, movement. I absorb it all and let it seep into a big gumbo of exotic goodness inside me, just bursting to get out. I often wake in the night (if I have managed to get to sleep at all) and jot down random sparks of inspiration. I feel out of sync when I am not being creative no matter the guise. Whether I am doing a spot of DIY at home, or hacking away at old clothes to give it a new lease of life. Photography, digital branding, design, marketing, editing; These are all forms creative outlets most common in the digital world. Whilst I have turned my hand at all of the above, it is through writing that I feel my most free creatively.

I’ve had this book for so long now that I can’t quite remember how it came into my possession. It is my go to when I am having writers block, or when I am feeling largely uninspired. A practical guide peppered with inspiring quotes from the greatest pioneers and creatives of our time, I urge you to pick up a copy should you want to tap into your hidden talents or gift a friend who displays an artistic flair.


So inspired was I by this book that after reading it around 20 times in the past year I decided that I didn’t want the wisdom between its covers to gather dust and be forgotten. So I (somewhat hesitantly) ripped out my favourite pages and immortalised them forever in a £5 Ikea frame. A bit OTT you might say, but books are such a big part of my life that it seemed quite natural, almost logical, to frame pages of a book throughout my house. (The second logical thing I did was order another copy immediately afterwards). If you ever have a similar inclination, don’t resist. It really is so easy to do and is a really nice, cost effective way of adding personality, and in this case, meaning, to a blank empty space. I am tempted to adorn more walls in our house with pages from my favourite books as I see it has 2 benefits; i) It pleases me and if nothing else it ii) encourages our guests to read. But don’t worry, I haven’t descended into a Russell Crowe mania worthy of a Beautiful Minds remake. I am a ‘Creative’ after all. I’m sure I can find other ingenious ways to make the pages of my favourite books come alive.


The ability to be creative is ultimately a testament to the many different forms of art and expression we have ever absorbed or been exposed to. The music we listen to, books we read, movies we watch, plays we’ve seen. It’s very hard to fuel the fires of your imagination when you are passively consuming junk or uninspiring content. I like to go to art galleries – not because I am an art critic or have any real understanding of what I’m purveying; but because I am always left in awe by what the artist has managed to create. Whether it be technique, dedication or just plain creative oomph, the artistic output of others inspires and motivates me to create. Reading will naturally unlock dormant parts of the brain that allows you to be more imaginative. The beauty of architecture and fashion; from the textures and fabrics to the fit of a well constructed garment are all areas of artistic design and expression that have spurred my creative juices at one point or another.