Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 05
Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 06
Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 04
Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 03
Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 02
Ike Le Starr Toya Berry Engagement 01

Today is February 14th. Yes, today is Valentine’s day, but given the events that transpired 7 days ago, I may change the date I partake in the celebration of love.

Exactly one week ago today, My Starr PROPOSED!

We have discussed marriage a hundred times and have been building towards holy matrimony for years now. There was never a doubt in my mind since moving in with him 3 years ago that he would be my husband. We know each other inside out, have supported each other through difficult times and have championed each other to individual success respectively. I always knew this day would come. So much so that I thought there is no way he could surprise me with a proposal. But he managed to do exactly that and it was perfect!

I won’t reveal too much about the exact proposal, but I will share with you this very special moment from our last night in Dubai where our 4 day engagement extravaganza came to an end. My ‘Fiance’ (:P) arranged a candlelit dinner on a private beach complete with personal butler, musician and lobster! He even had a secret photographer literally hiding in the tide taking pictures (hence why some of the images are so grainy as she was shooting from a distance). It was very sweet of him but also freaked me out abit when I found out.

Will be posting my outfits from my Dubai trip soon. For now, I leave you with our official engagement video, available to watch HERE.


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