February 5, 2013

WHAT TO WEAR? My Valentines Day Dilemma


So there is less than 2 weeks till Valentines day!

And whilst I try not to get too excited, every year I fail miserably! Secretly I’m wishing for flowers, chocolates, rose petals, candles, a posh dinner and a super amazing gift of the Giuseppe or Chanel variety. Basically, what every girl is secretly hoping for on the 14th short of a ring!

Alas, I fear I am setting myself up for disappoint! But just on the off chance that this year may be the best V-day ever, I MUST be ready for the occasion. And when I mean ready, I mean dressed for Romance… 🙂

So here in lies my dilemma. What to wear for the big day? I am torn between the three dresses below:



* Diva Sophia dress as seen on Amy Childs (left) |Paris Cocktail dress (right)

Please help me to decide! Using the poll form below, vote for which dress to wear – A, B or C.

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Or tweet me the dress you prefer: @toyaberry

All 3 dresses are available from Girlmeetsdress.com. Thank you to the lovely Kate from the GMD team who has so kindly offered 10% off of all party dresses to C+S readers when they use the following code at checkout: GMD14CS. Expires on the 14th.

I will be sure to follow up in a later post with the winning outfit – Hopefully it will be a ‘winner’ in more ways than one *wink, wink*