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One of the many items on my bucket list is to attend Royal Ascot. I’ve never been, which is a shame seeing as it is some what of a British tradition. Those who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat will know that my Starr and I love to get glammed up! Any excuse to dress to the 9’s is accepted – and I can can think of no better reason than a day at the races!

Traipsing through the many Royal Ascot style guides can send your head into a bit of a spin. Whilst there are traditional aspects one must retain i.e a hat (ascot sans a fabulous hat is basically treason), modest skirt length (nothing above the knee), and matching trouser suits (and by match, yes the fabric, print and/r colour MUST be exact same), you can perhaps forgo the gloves or the head to toe florals. You are not the mother of the bride. Or the brides gran aunt. You are fabulous and modern and you can express your own style at Royal Ascot. You will not be restricted or boxed in by archaic fashion doctrines. You will be alternative and fabulous; A view expressed by Farfetch and their super cool UNFOLLOW campaign (Read more on the campaign HERE).

So, as I step down from my pulpit, I present to you my modern day twist on Royal Ascot style and what I think to be the perfect ensemble for a day at the races. Farfetch challenged me to rewrite the Royal Ascot dress code for fashion lovers NOT fashion followers. Below I’ve put together three outfit variations based on my outfit as shown below. Every single piece is an investment as they are all staple wardrobe items that can be worn again and styled a number of ways – Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow me to splash the cash on an elaborate dress that can only be worn once. I much prefer to invest in timeless statement pieces that can be worn multiple times. You know I’m all about my cost per wear!

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.21.44


Gigi Burris Hat // Etro striped top // Tulle skirt // YSL clutch // Moschino Heels


Beret // Multi colour top // Cropped trousers // Valentino clutch // Alexander McQueen heels


Turban hat // Striped top // Layered skirt // Alexander McQueen clutch // Giuseppe Zanotti heels


Each piece is completely re-usable from the striped top (see how I’ve previously styled a striped top here) to a Sex in the City style tulle skirt (let me know if you want to see a look book or blog post on the different ways to style a layered tulle skirt)

Which is your favourite look? Are any of you guys attending Royal Ascot this year? I would love to see your outfits so leave your links to your Royal Ascot style in the comments section below! Royal Ascot runsJune 16 and runs until the 20th – If you’re still stumped as to what to wear check out the offical Ascot style guide HERE


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